Water and Waste Water Industry

Uisce Technology offers a comprehensive range of instrumentation to the Water, Waste-Water and Industrial Water sectors. The Equipment on offer includes Siemens electromagnetic flow meters, Milltronics ultrasonic level instruments, Siemens pressure transmitters, MJK telemetry equipment and Hach-Lange DO and Suspended Solids Transmitters. In the area of Water Conservation Siemens have developed the revolutionary Mag 8000W electromagnetic battery meter with 6 years life. We offer a broad renge of Danfoss pressure switches, solenoid valves and actuated butterfly valves for the pump and contracting segments.

Minig, Quarry and Cement Industry

Siemens offer specialized expertise and equipment for this industry. The Siemens Milltronics program include conveyor weighting systems and solutions, including low profile wheel driven belt speed sensors, Hazardous rated shaft driven speed sensors, motion sensor systems ans zero speed alarms. The program also includes dry solids flow meters for grains, plastics, flyash, cement and pulverized coal. The Milltronics non-contacting ultrasonic level instrumentation has long been established in this industry.

Food, Dairy and Beverage Industry

Siemens Sitrans Process Instrumentation Program includes Mag 1100 Food electromagnetic flow meter in stainless steel with hygienig connections, also the Sitrans Coriolis Massflo flow meter for concentrations nad density measurment. The programs also contains pressure and temperature transmitters with special connections for sanitary applications. Siemens offer capacitance, ultrasinic and radar level measurment Instruments designed specifically for this Industry.